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This is a WOMEN-only mentoring event in honor of International Women's Day. By submitting this form, you confirm your attendance for the TD Women in Leadership mentoring event on Tuesday March 26 2013. 25 TD Women leaders are from very different professional background ranging from Finance, Retail Banking, Project Management,Legal,Security, Marketing and Communication,and Customer Services.

Please make sure you have reviewed the profiles of the mentors and decided this event will benefit you. Do NOT sign up just to hold a spot. You will not be invited and accepted to our events if you respectively dishonor your appointments.

The event will start SHARP at 9:30 at CultureLink's office. The event will finish at 12:30 p.m. Dress code is Business Attire.

Please call and email Dolora at 416-588-6288 ext 222; in advance should you wish to cancel the booking. Even though the service is provided for free for CultureLink Mentoring Club members, a lot of public resources and volunteer effort are involved. Repeated no show and last minute cancellation hurt the program and could result in revocation of your Membership.

Please call Dolora if you have questions. Thank you and see you on March 26 at 9:30 a.m.

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