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* 1. After this coming week, there will be 10 lectures remaining in the class. For the following topics, please indicate which you would particularly like to see covered.

  Less Preferred Medium More Preferred
Side Channels (detection via information leakage)
Traffic Analysis (detecting types of network activity)
Web Attacks
Legal Issues
Attack infrastructure (e.g., spam campaign elements)
Infrastructure protection (secure DNS, routing)
Trace Anonymization
Underground Economy

* 2. Are you finding the scribe notes sufficiently useful to be worth the effort?

* 3. Do you find it difficult to participate in class discussion and/or ask questions during lecture? If so, what could help improve this?

* 4. On the homeworks, there's been very little feedback on prior lectures (this used to be the optional second part of each homework). Any particular reasons you haven't done so?

* 5. In general, what parts of the course are working well and what parts are not? For the ones that aren't, any suggestions for how to improve them?

* 6. Any other comments?