Parishioner Mass Registration

Dear Parishioners and members of our Faith community,

Beginning Saturday August 22nd, Christ the King Parish will be opening weekday and Saturday evening Masses to the public.

Please be advised that our new offering of weekly public Masses will be as follows:

Tuesdays to Fridays at 12:05PM  (with Adoration beginning at 11:15 am)

Saturdays at 5:00PM              

Sundays at 10:15AM

Please note: All Masses (Sunday, Tuesday – Saturday) continue to be livestreamed on

As we continue this reopening of public Masses at Christ the King, we are modifying the weekly registration process. We are asking that parishioners assist us by registering themselves and others in their household by completing the following form.
The purpose of this form is to remove the burden of weekly registration and comply with public health policies of collecting the names of the people in attendance at Masses for contact tracing, if necessary. We require only one phone number for families/groups. This will be a one-time registration (until further notice). We will continue to screen and take attendance upon entry into the church.

Thank you and God Bless

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* 1. Please list yourself, and any others who will or may be joining you to some or all Masses.

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* 2. Others who may join you:

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* 3. Which Mass(es) do you and/or your family members plan to attend regularly or semi-regularly?:

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* 4. Number of people attending Tuesday - Friday?

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* 5. Number of people attending Saturday?

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* 6. Number of people attending Sunday?

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