Suttons Bay Township
P.O. Box 457
95 W. Fourth St.
Suttons Bay, Mi. 49682

Suttons Bay Township  is updating its current Five Year Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan for years 2018-2022. To better serve the needs of the community and to be able to prioritize these needs, public input is required. We depend on local and surrounding community members, summer residents and visitors to provide responses. It is important that all these groups are represented within the planning process as they also use our parks and engage in recreational activities. Especially important is that all members (adults and children) of your family each complete a survey so that all age groups are represented.

We appreciate you taking time to aid us in this process by completing the following survey on-line ( or a paper survey available at the Township Office. To ensure proper distribution, the survey will be available from January 15, 2018 thru April 15, 2018.

Any personal information requested is optional but if provided will be used for demographic purposes only and will not be shared with any other entity.

If you complete this survey on-line the results will be forwarded to us. If you have completed a paper survey you may drop it off at the township office ( an after-hours drop box is available). You may also contact the township office at the listed phone number or the email address ( for additional information.