1. Welcome to the SBC Television Audience Survey

Thank you for agreeing to take part in the SBC’s TV Audience Survey.

This will complement the Radio Audience survey that we conducted in June, giving us an overall insight of your perception of the services that the SBC provides.

This TV survey is also the first one that we carry out since we moved to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and consequently multichannel broadcasts.

Our Survey is being conducted anonymously. It will not be possible to know the identity of individuals who participate in this Survey.

Please answer each question frankly. There is no right or wrong answer.

It will take around 20 minutes to complete all questions in this Survey. You are not obligated to answer all the questions, although it would be much appreciated if you could.

This Survey will go on until we have at least 1000 responses.

We thank you for your valuable time.