* 1. Are you a student, studying nursing? A nurse or working in the health profession? Neither or other

* 2. Would you mind letting us know your age group?
Your age is between

* 3. Learning components: Please place a tick in box of the contents that you have studied.

* 4. Benefited from this program: I have benefited from this program overall.

* 5. In what way has the Nursing Writing Online program helped you?

* 6. The effective use of E-lecture: If you have used the E-lecture, in your opinion, is E-lecture providing an alternative method in teaching and learning? Please explain your answer.

* 7. If you have used the pronunciation video, in your opinion, is this method effective in improving your pronunciation?

* 8. Student comments: the least useful
In your opinion, what was the least useful aspect of the course?

* 9. Student comments: the most useful
In your opinion, what was the most useful aspect of the program?

* 10. Do you have any other suggestions or comments that would help us improve the Nursing Writing Online program?