* 1. Please share your opinion about the following:

  Agree strongly Agree Don't know/no opinion Disagree Strongly disagree
My first choice for my child is a quality neighborhood school.
Public education funds should only be used for public schools open to all children.
Public schools should be run by elected school boards, not private management companies. 
Charter schools have harmed, not helped our local neighborhood schools.

* 2. Please indicate how important the following are to you:

  Very important Important Not important No opinion/don't know
All schools receive adequate funding.
The school curriculum reflects students' cultures, experiences, and interests.
All students have opportunities to participate in the arts, music, drama, sports, and other physical activities.
School discipline policies and practices are fair and positive.
The school offers adequate social services including counselors.
Students' time on digital devices follows accepted health and safety guidelines.
Student data privacy is protected.
Parents may opt students out of any assessments they believe are misused or overused. 
Parents must have a significant role in decision making about school policies and practices.
Anti-bulllying programs are planned and carried out with active participation of parents and the community.

* 3. The push for "personalized learning" involves more student time on computers and may include collection of student "social emotional" responses. How concerned are you about the following possible outcomes of this movement?

  Very concerned Somewhat concerned Not at all concerned Don't know/not sure
Less adult supervision and attention in the classroom
Growing class sizes
"Big brother" type monitoring of my child's behavior
Collection and use/misuse of information about my child's emotions and attitudes

* 4. For demographic purposes, please indicate which of the following best describe you:

* 5. I am (please select any/all that apply)

* 6. My racial/ethnic/cultural background is:

* 7. (Optional) I would like to enter the prize drawing contest *. Here is my contact information:

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* 9. Thank you for your participation!

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