* 1. How was your experience with CKAN?

  excellent good so so bad
CKAN experience

* 2. Did you have any problems with the language used? Please mark the terms that you do not understand:

* 3. Did you have all the information needed? How easy was it for you to find the information that you did not have?

  in voiD or Sitemaps already easy to find hard to find very hard to find
had everything
had almost everything
had little
had nothing

* 4. Do you plan to keep your CKAN entry updated?

* 5. How important do you think it is to provide each of the information pieces below

  not important neutral important
published-by-producer, published-by-third-party
no-proprietary-vocab, deref-vocab, no-deref-vocab
example URI
SPARQL endpoint

* 6. Please provide suggestions for improving the CKAN LOD Validator

* 7. Suggestions for metadata to add or metadata you had at hand but did not know how to add to CKAN