Welcome to the Exercise is Medicine Australia Network

Thank you for your interest in the Exercise is Medicine Australia Network. You will find some important information on this page, followed by a short registration form.

Exercise is Medicine Australia empowers primary healthcare providers to effectively counsel patients about physical activity leading to sustained behaviour change, and promotes evidence based screening to easily identify when and how to refer patients to appropriately trained allied health professionals to deliver exercise treatment services.

Who can join? Health and Medical professionals across Australia with a specialty or interest in physical activity are invited to join the new Exercise is Medicine Australia Network. To maintain a strict health and medical focus, membership will be restricted to health, medical and research professionals contributing to the primary care sector.  Examples include:

-  Aboriginal Health Workers or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners
-  Accredited Exercise Physiologists
-  Accredited Exercise Scientists
-  Accredited Practicing Dietitians
-  Chiropractors
-  Diabetes Educators
-  General Practitioners
-  Nurses
-  Occupational Therapists
-  Osteopaths
-  Physiotherapists
-  Podiatrists
-  Health/Medical Researchers

EIM Network members will be promoted as critical allies helping patients to reach physical activity goals for the prevention and management of chronic disease. Interested providers may register for EIM Australia Network based on their current qualifications. 
EIM Australia Network members will show their commitment by accepting a declaration.  

Benefits of joining:

- Promote your dedication to safe physical activity
- Build your referral network
- Access exclusive network resources
- Build networks in your community and across the nation
- Share your success
- Learn from others

Resources available to network members:

- Exclusive access to the EIM Network logo for use on your promotional material e.g. brochures, websites
- EIM Network poster for display in clinic
- EIM merchandise e.g. brochures, pens (limited number provided at sign up)
- Dedicated network newsletter
- Dedicated forum for open discussion and information sharing between network members

Thanks to EIM Australia's ongoing partnership with Exercise & Sports Science Australia, Accredited Exercise Physiologists have access to EIM membership as part of their accreditation.

The fine print: 
The EIM Australia Network acknowledges existing qualifications and is not an additional credential or qualification. Eligibility requirements apply.  Those wishing to become an EIM member that are not Medicare Recognised Providers or researchers in the health and medical field will be assessed on a case by case basis. The decision of Exercise is Medicine is final. Providers will be required to renew their membership annually.  Membership is based on a calendar year, and all providers will be required to renew their commitment to the program and accept a declaration each year.