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ARE Live: PjM Case Study

Use the documents in the link below to answer these PjM case study questions in preparation for the December ARE Live episode by 12:00PM Central Time on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

PjM Case Study Documents
ABC Architects plans to submit a proposal to design a pavilion for the Public Works department of Aurora, Colorado.  If Aurora Public Works accepts the proposal, the team is considering using the AIA B101-2017 agreement. The following is known about the project site:
  • The project is part of a larger mixed-use development in a Mixed-Use Regional (MU-R) zone.
  • The site is located between E-470 and a boundary road.
  • The site was previously used for agriculture uses.
  • There are numerous single family residential developments in the surrounding area.
  • The city plans to develop adjacent sites in the future.

The following resources are available in the PjM Case Study Documents folder for your reference:
  • ABC Architects proposed work plan
  • ABC Architects proposal
  • Zoning excerpt - exterior lighting
  • Zoning excerpt - MU-R district
  • AIA B101-2017
  • Aurora zoning map (north is the top of the page)
  • Aerial view of site (north is the top of the page)

Question Title

* 1. The principal is reviewing the work plan that the project manager prepared before the proposal is finalized and sent to the municipality.  The principal is specifically interested in understanding how much contingency is planned for in the fee.

How many total hours could the project manager (PM) spend on the DD phase of the project without going over the allotted contingency?  Round to the nearest hour.

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* 2. ABC Architect’s project managers typically perform all of the firm’s duties during the contract administration phase. 

How many hours could the project manager spend per week on contract administration without exceeding the proposed fee?  Round to the nearest half hour.

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* 3. Which of the following clauses found in the proposal differ from the standard AIA B101?  Check the three that apply.

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* 4. When reviewing the proposal with the project manager, the principal notes that each employee’s hourly billable rate is being increased by 7% on 1/1/2023.  The firm also has a policy of rounding hourly rates to the nearest $5.  The principal asks the project manager to revise the proposed fee to align with the adjusted hourly billable rates. 

What should the revised total fee be, not including reimbursable expenses?  Round to the nearest dollar.

Question Title

* 5. After being awarded the project, the project manager is considering specifying the below light fixture for the open areas of the project.  After consulting with the electrical engineer, they advised that a 45W fixture would be adequate.

What portion of the cutsheet below is not appropriate for the project?
(Note: This question would likely be a hotspot on the ARE)

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Question Title

* 6. After being awarded the project, the lead designer is considering which direction to face the pavilion. 

Which direction is appropriate?

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* 7. Aurora Public Works is looking to develop a recreation facility on the site adjacent to the pavilion. 

Which of the following project delivery methods should the architect suggest?  Check the two that apply.

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