A lot has changed since Irish Vintage Scene first hit the shelves back in 2006. Indeed, a lot has changed since we did our last reader survey in 2016! In these changing times it’s hard to know if we are still providing the product our customers want, and there is only one way to find this out and that’s to ask them in a comprehensive survey. If you took part in our previous surveys we want to thank you ever so much, as it’s your feedback that gives us our direction going forward. If you are, or were, a reader of Irish Vintage Scene, then this is the time for you to tell us what you think we can do better to suit you, our customer. We appreciate that everyone is busy, so this survey is designed to be a fast and simple as possible – you will complete it in under ten minutes. For your effort, you will be entered into a draw for some great prizes, with the top prize being €250 cash. 
Tom Heavey, Managing Editor.