Intro & Overall Goal of the Survey

Tell us which sustainable travel options you want in your neighborhood.

Transportation Demand Management, often referred to as TDM, is the “Shift” component of the Transportation Sustainability Program, a comprehensive reform of the way the City handles development so that the transportation network keeps pace with growth. A series of development focused TDM measures incentivize on-site amenities intended to provide sustainable alternatives to driving – or “shifting” people’s usual practice of driving alone in their cars - by providing residents, business tenants, and visitors with sustainable alternative travel options.

The overall goal of the survey is receive feedback from the public regarding specific measures in the menu of options. In particular, we are interested if any measures would be particularly effective in your neighborhood. We will summarize the information received by neighborhood and provide in a staff report to the Planning Commission. That summary may be useful to individuals and neighborhood organizations when working with developers of projects in your neighborhood.

Before you submit your preferences, please complete the following steps:
  • Step 1: Download and review the TDM menu of options
  • Step 2: Read how TDM measures work on the next page
  • Step 3: Complete the survey