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The Denver Foundation highly values and depends on the experiences and insights of volunteers. We could not accomplish our mission without the help and input of diverse representation of our community. While only a small number of volunteer slots are available each year, we welcome nominations for committees on community impact areas, resident engagement, inclusiveness and equity, fundraising, and communications.

We regret that we can not personally respond to every nomination, and ensure you all nominations are given serious consideration. Working with the Nominations and Governance Committee, staff and committee chairs will contact potential nominees as vacancies become available. Please be as specific as possible in your responses to help us determine potential fit.

Unfortunately, there are very few volunteer opportunities at The Denver Foundation, and there are hundreds of people who would like to serve on a committee. Any gift that you would like to give of your time and expertise is valuable to the nonprofit sector. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to volunteer for other local nonprofit organizations. You can contact Metro Volunteers www.metrovolunteers.org, Volunteers of Colorado www.voacolorado.org, and VolunteerMatch www.volunteermatch.org for volunteer opportunities.