NetFest 2017 Netball Australia Survey

Help us to improve NetFest by completing this survey

* 1. NetFest participation

* 2. How did you hear about NetFest

* 3. Were you happy with the number of games you played?

* 4. Were you happy with your team's grading?

* 5. Did you attend the celebrity beach netball match?

* 6. Did you attend the official NetFest party on Saturday night?

* 7. Please rate the following..

  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor N/A
Umpiring at Outdoor Netball
Umpiring at Beach Netball
Medical at Outdoor Netball
Umpiring at Beach Netball
Courts and equipment
Massage & Strapping
Event Announcer
NetFest Special Guests
Food & Entertainment
Participant packs
NetFest staff and volunteers at Outdoor Netball
NetFest staff and volunteers at Beach Netball

* 8. Please rate the following NetFest Communication services?

  Very helpful Helpful Neutral Unhelpful Very unhelpful
Online newsletter

* 9. What is the reason you participate in NetFest

* 10. I would prefer my team could supply an umpire at NetFest rather than see an increase in entry fees

* 11. To accommodate all teams that want to enter I would support playing outdoor netball at 2 locations (note that under this proposal, competitions would be allocated to locations before entries open)

* 12. I would prefer commencing the Outdoor competition on Thursday afternoon instead of starting early or finishing late on Friday and/or Saturday.

* 13. Free Speech - write what you feel!