* 1. Has the CIBRN weekly (Wednesday) email entitled "Sosido Digest for CIBRN" been valuable to you? If so, which sections are of most significance/importance to you and why?

* 2. Have you viewed CIBRN forum discussions on Sosido? Would you know how to review or respond within the forum?

* 3. Have you viewed archived webinars or micromodules hosted for CIBRN on Sosido? If so, did you find them useful?

* 4. Do you believe the cross-discipline dynamic of CIBRN membership (Gastro; Rheum;Derm) allows for consensus statements that can positively impact patient outcomes? If yes, would you be willing to contribute to such a consensus?

* 5. If we were to open CIBRN to allied healthcare professionals (nurses, pharmacists), would you be in favour of this? If so, whom would you suggest to be added?

* 6. Please provide comments, questions or concerns about the CIBRN program so that we can
continuously improve. Thank you!