Welcome to the application to become a cohort member of the Civic Equity Project!
The Civic Equity Project is a two-year program supporting under-represented organizations to participate more fully in civic dialogue and decision-making in Bend. 

This project was recently funded with a $100,000 grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust, a Portland-based foundation supporting equity-advancement projects in Oregon.
We are seeking organizations to become part of a cohort that will stick together for two full years, and come out the other side dramatically stronger and much more able to participate in and shape civic decision-making in Bend. 

Neighborhood associations, non-profits and community groups who are working with vulnerable or under-represented populations in Bend such as low-income populations, seniors, veterans, Latino families, LGBTQ and people with disabilities are all encouraged to apply to join the cohort.

Cohort organizations will receive a number of core benefits through the Civic Equity Project: 
  • Two full years of direct and robust needs-based organizational development coaching, focused on strategic planning, leadership development, outreach and communications, fundraising and long-term organizational sustainability designed to provide a major boost to the success of participating groups
  • A professionally facilitated peer-support group through Opportunity Knocks that will meet monthly to offer an environment where leaders can share struggles, celebrate successes and build their confidence to engage more fully in civic decision-making
  • Advocacy trainings and hands-on experience in civic dialogue and policy decision-making through Bend 2030’s existing housing and transportation projects
  • Support in creating a two-year strategic advocacy plan for your organization
  • Transportation and childcare costs will be provided through the program allowing low-income participants more flexibility to join

Community members and groups who are not engaged in the cohort are also welcome to attend Civic Equity Project classroom-style trainings, which will offer organizational development skill-building and political advocacy curriculum. 

The project kicks off with an open house on Tuesday, April 25 and will run through April 2019.