Get insight into your company’s Consciousness Bank Balance by completing this Score Card.

Your company’s Consciousness Bank BalanceTM is the measure of your company’s collective presence and awareness. The higher your company’s Consciousness Bank Balance, the more net presence and awareness each employee, and your company overall, has. The more presence and awareness you have at your company, the more able your employees are able to listen, communicate, focus, relate, create, be productive, collaborate, etc. ...ultimately supporting your company in companies in achieving Sustained, Easeful, Rapid ScaleTM (annual growth rates of 25%-50%).
Complete your Company Consciousness Bank Score Card to give you a first cut at understanding what adds to and detracts from your company’s Consciousness Bank BalanceTM.  This will allow you to start taking steps to increasing your company’s CBB, and provide us insight into the specific areas of your company to examine during our Company Consciousness Bank Balance Exploration Call.

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