Superintendent Feedback Survey

You have the opportunity to provide feedback to the Bouse Elementary Governing Board in the development and evaluation process of Gregory T. Sackos, Superintendent Bouse Elementary school.  This "360 Survey" allows for a wide range of stakeholders to participate in the process.  This group of stakeholders includes staff, teachers, community members parents and of course our students.  The purpose of a superintendents evaluation is to identify areas of strength and areas of improvement with respect to the role of a superintendent and their work with the governing board.  This information will allow the Bouse Governing Board to work collectively and collaboratively with the ongoing development of the superintendent so that positive development occurs.  Please take your role professionally in completing this short survey.  Your feedback is instrumental in the development of the superintendent.  All survey participants are anonymous and are not identified in the responses.  If you do not have a foundation or reference to answer a specific question then please check "N/A".  Thanks for your time and effort.   It is greatly appreciated.

* 1. Which area best describes your association with Bouse Elementary School?

* 2. How likely is it that you would recommend Bouse Elementary School to a friend or colleague? 

* 3. Please rate your familiarity with the mission and vision of the school.

* 4. A role of the superintendent is to improve student performance and close the achievement gap.  How has the superintendent done in leading the school toward improving student academic performance.

* 5. Please rate the performance of the superintendent on improving school climate.

* 6. The superintendent should ensure sound financial expenditures relating to education.  He/She should maximize resources to achieve the best possible education for the students.  How well has the superintendent done in this area?

* 7. Communication is a key element behind a superintendent.  Please rate on how the superintendent has communicated effectively with the stakeholders and community this year.

* 8. A role of the superintendent is to be visible and accessible.  How would you rate the superintendent in this area?

* 9. The space below allows you an opportunity to identify one thing that the superintendent can improve on so that they can continue to develop in their role with the school and/or the community.