1. Introduction

Welcome to the Computerworld Hong Kong Technology Company of the Year 2017 nominations page!

Before submitting your nomination, please read the following notes carefully.

Notes on filling out the nomination form:
1. This Awards has two sub-categories: i) Technology Company of the Year-Mature; and ii) Technology Company of the Year-Startup. It is the candidate's choice to enter either subcategory. But please note the two groups will be judged differently.
2. Please submit your nomination within one session, information cannot be updated after your submission. 
3. If a company is nominated more than once, the Awards committee will accept only the latest submission, and disregard the previous ones.
4. Please observe the word count. Do highlight the most salient points that stand out your company from the other candidates.
5. Do not clutter your nomination with too much background information. To provide any basic company information, please provide a maximum of 3 URLs to external webpages in each answer.
6. Do provide examples, cases, figures and customers references where available and applicable. The best nominations are usually the ones substantiated by examples and supporting figures.
7. IMPORTANT -- Do not answer the questions with product/solutions sales pitches. The worst nominations are usually the ones that simply copy and paste marketing materials to the questions, and without addressing the questions being asked.

Full details of the awards, entry criteria and judging panel please refer to the awards site:

For queries, please direct them to: Carol Ko, Deputy Editor Computerworld Hong Kong (cko@questexasia.com) or Gigi Onag, Deputy Editor Computerworld Hong Kong (gigionag@questexasia.com).
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