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* 1. Were you provided with or given information on other community resources in Teton County, Wyoming that may be helpful to you as a result of being a victim of crime?

  Yes No

* 2. Have you accessed any of these additional resources to assist you as a result of this crime?

* 3. If yes, can you please let us know which agency?

  Contacted/used this resource Did not contact/use this resource
Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center
Hirschfield Child Advocacy Center
Community Safety Network
Department of Family Services
Community Resource Center
The Learning Center
The Latino Resource Center
Teton County Public Health
CLIMB Wyoming
Jackson Police Department
Teton County Sheriff's Department

* 4. Was it helpful for you to receive information on other area agencies?

* 5. If you did not access additional resources, may we ask why?

* 6. I was offered the following services by Teton County Victim Services:

* 7. I feel that I know more about community resources in Teton County.

* 8. Additional comments or questions: