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* 1. Please check the nature of the crime you experienced.

* 2. Please check how you first learned about Victim Services.

* 3. Did Victim Services clearly explain victim's rights and services available?

* 4. Did Victim Services review the limits of Victim Services Confidentiality Policy?

* 5. In your opinion did Victim Services respect your unique reaction to the crime?

* 6. In your opinion did Victim Services respond to those needs/ concerns?

* 7. Were you asked by Victim Services if you wanted follow up information on your case?

* 8. Did Victim Services follow up as planned?

* 9. Did Victim Services increase your understanding of the criminal justice process?

* 10. Do you feel Victim Services improved your access to information about the case involving you?

* 11. Did Victim Services assist in increasing your participation in the criminal justice process?

* 12. Please check all Victim Services utilized during your case.

* 13. What services provided by Victim Services were the MOST helpful?

* 14. What suggestions do you have to improve Victim Services?

* 15. Other comments or suggestions:

* 16. This survey is completely confidential and no identifying information is collected. If you would like to be contacted by our office to discuss an issue please enter in your name and telephone number. An advocate will call you back promptly.