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* 1. Did you complete a safety plan with a staff member of Teton County Victim Services?

* 2. Did you understand the safety planning process?

* 3. Have you ever completed a safety plan before?

* 4. Was part of your safety planning due to a request to drop a "no contact order", domestic violence or stalking protection order?

* 5. Was requesting extra patrol by law enforcement part of your plan?

* 6. Did your safety planning address any of the following?

* 7. I know more ways to plan for my safety.

* 8. Do you feel you were listened to and your input was considered when creating your safety plan?

* 9. Do you feel confident that if you need to enact this safety plan, you will be able to?

* 10. In the future if you feel you are in danger, will you call law enforcement again to assist you?

* 11. Are you:

* 12. Your age is: