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Tompkins County has applied for a $855,000 grant that could pay for 100% of the costs of repairing or replacing septic systems for some income-eligible households. These systems often cost more than $10,000 – a major expense for most households.

This survey will be used as a waiting list of households interested in funding, should it become available.

If Tompkins County is successful in obtaining funding, there would be no cost to income-eligible households for the septic system replacements. Please fill out this form if:
  • Your septic system has to be pumped a lot, has backed up into the home, or is otherwise struggling to function; OR
  • Your septic system is more than 20 years old; OR
  • Your septic system is impacting a drinking water well.
If funds are awarded to Tompkins County, the list will be used to notify eligible households that funds are available. 

As of 4/19/21, Tompkins County's application has been submitted. Funds have not yet been awarded and are not yet available for this program.

For assistance, contact Tompkins County Environmental Health at 607-274-6688 or
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