TCRCD Stakeholder Survey

The Trinity County Resource Conservation District (TCRCD), a solely grant funded Special District that serves all landowners of Trinity County, is requesting input from the citizens of Trinity County as well as our partners to ensure that our revised Strategic Plan reflects local concerns and meets the needs of our constituents in the most effective way. A Strategic Plan provides guidance for the next five years (2018-2023) and helps us to set priorities and the appropriate actions we should take to achieve established goals.
We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer the following questions. Your answers will be kept confidential.

* 1. What do you think the most important role is for the TCRCD in our community? (Please rank 1-7, with 1 as Most Important)

* 2. Is there another important role the TCRCD should play in the community not mentioned in Question 1?

* 3. Over the past few years how effective has TCRCD been in communicating with community members and partners about our projects and services?

* 4. What is the best way for the TCRCD to provide you with information? (Check all those that apply)

* 5. What are the most important natural resource issues that you believe should be addressed in Trinity County?
(Rank Low, Med, High)

  Low Medium High
Forest Health and Fuel Loads
Fish Habitat and Stream Restoration
Recreation Opportunities
Invasive Plants and Animals
Illegal Use of Public Lands
Cannabis Cultivation
Agricultural Issues and Grazing
Wildlife Habitat
Water Conservation, Quality and Quantity
Climate Change
Organic Farming

* 6. How do you feel the TCRCD has been doing with respect to meeting its Mission Statement “To assist people in protecting, managing, conserving and restoring the natural resources of Trinity County through information, education, technical assistance and project implementation”?

* 7. Please let us know what you feel are the TCRCD’s

* 8. Are you a (check all that apply)

* 9. Would you support a local, Trinity County tax to provide operating funds for the TCRCD?

* 10. If you answered "yes" in question 9, what type of tax would you support?

* 11. Thank you for taking the time to help us help you!
Do you have any comments, questions or suggestions?
Please provide us with any comments regarding your priorities, interests, needs, or any suggestions as to how the TCRCD can help serve you better.

* 12. If you would like to be kept informed and/or would like additional information please provide your contact information. Your personal information and survey answers will be kept confidential.

* 13. I am interested in learning about the following topics