* The Board has identified 20 strategic projects to focus on in 2012 and would like your help to set the priority. Please rank the following strategic projects:

  Indifferent Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority Critical Priority
Develop and launch an “evergreen” member feedback survey
Identify & hire a part-time executive assistant
Evaluate and restructure membership options & dues
Improve customer service (membership services)
Develop partnership tiers and expand scope of partners
Establish a “welcome to the club” and “thank you for renewing” email
Establish a regional/chapters strategy (ex: MoCo, NoVa, etc)
Drive a whole-sale transformation of the membership process (front-end experience, back end process, automations, auto-renewals & reporting)
Develop & launch member meeting (includes new member orientation)
Optimize gear ordering and fulfillment (streamline vendors + process)
Create a LEAN inventory management approach
Develop an evergreen volunteer training program (ex: train the trainer)
Develop and launch NTP class 2
Optimize and standardize club programs w/ shared best practices from NTP
Invest club savings to drive strategic web & technology projects
Assess the need for a brand refresh for club
Ramp up club marketing efforts
Develop a newbie “acclimation” strategy including a “newbie” team
Engage in bike and triathlon advocacy
Build out training ambassadors program
Establish a “featured race” strategy (including featured Ironman)