Geographical Information

* 1. What city do you live in?

* 2. Age of my child (if you have more than one child select all that apply)

The Right to Have a Voice

* 3. My child's ideas are listened to by the adults in her/his life.

* 4. My child is involved in decisions about things that are important to her/him.

The Right to be Loved and Have a Family

* 5. My child feels loved by the family.

* 6. My child has adults at home who care about her/him.

The Right to Have Friends

* 7. My child has friends at daycare/out of school care.

* 8. My child has friends in my neighbourhood.

The Right to Belong

* 9. In my neighbourhood people are nice to children.

* 10. My child participates in, or watches festivals and events in my city.

The Right to Have Peace and Safety

* 11. My neighbourhood is calm and quiet.

* 12. My child feels safe from being bullied by other children.

* 13. I feel my child is safe when we're on the streets outside our home.

* 14. It is safe for my child to play in my neighbourhood.

The Right to Have a Clean Environment

* 15. My neighbourhood does not have garbage on the ground.

* 16. The air in my neighbourhood is clean and smoke-free.

The Right to Have a Home

* 17. My current housing situation meets my family's needs.

The Right to have Space for Recreation and Play

* 18. There are places in my neighbourhood where my child can play.

* 19. There are places where children who have trouble walking, running or jumping can play.

The Right to Learn

* 20. There are opportunities in my neighbourhood for children to learn things.

The Right to be Respected

* 21. In my community, boys and girls are treated the same.

* 22. In my community all children are treated well no matter what they look like or where they come from.

The Right to Nutritious Food and Healthy Living

* 23. My family can access healthy food.

* 24. There is a place in my neighbourhood where my child can be with nature.

* 25. There is a place in my neighbourhood where my child can play and exercise.

* 26. There's a place in my neighbourhood where my chid can go for health check-ups when she/he is sick.

* 27. It's easy for my family to get around my neighbourhood without a car.

The Right to Explore, Dream and Create

* 28. My child has opportunities to try new things she/he is interested in.

* 29. My child has time to make creative things.