4th Annual TCLP Virtual Alumni Training Conference

The following survey will serve as a follow-up to the 4th Annual TCLP Virtual Alumni Training Conference on December 15 and 16, 2016. Please take your time to review these questions and answer them thoroughly.

This year's conference format was a round-table discussion of best practices, advice, and lessons learned. The purpose of this format was to give alumni attendees the opportunity to learn from the unique perspectives and experiences of educational leaders in their home countries. Now it's your turn to share more about your own experiences in educational leadership. 

We thank you for attending this year's conference and we look forward to hearing your experiences in educational leadership!

* 1. Please write your full name and TCLP alumni year:

* 2. Please write your full professional title and place of employment (i.e. English Teacher, Washington High School).

* 3. How do you think TCLP has contributed to the growth of your career?

* 4. How has your participation in your local educational community grown since participating in TCLP?

* 5. What specific trainings, experiences, or strategies learned through TCLP helped develop your educational leadership skills?

* 6. What new ideas, skills, or strategies have you introduced to your school or district? Please identify any that you specifically learned through TCLP.

* 7. Please list any trainings you have lead or organized for teachers at your school or district on student-centered strategies, globalizing classrooms, best practices in language teaching, or cross-cultural exchange with U.S. schools (or related topics)?

* 8. What kind of global competencies or international experiences are you implementing in your school or district? What has the impact been on your students?
*for examples of global competency for students visit: http://sites.asiasociety.org/education/globalcompetence/

* 9. How has participating on TCLP enhanced your communication skills?

* 10. How has the work with your host school in the U.S. contributed to your professional growth (on program or as an alum)?

* 11. How did experiencing U.S. educational and government systems first hand impact you?

* 12. After participating on TCLP how has your world view changed?

* 13. What resources, conferences, or trainings would you recommend for TCLP alumni in your home country who want to develop their educational leadership skills?

* 14. What Impact have you had on institutions or organizations in your home country?

* 15. What further impact do you want to have on your school, district, or educational institutions in your home country?

* 16. How effective was this year's alumni conference in sharing best practices in Educational Leadership?

* 17. Do you have any additional comments about this year's conference?

* 18. What topic/s would you like covered in the next alumni conference? Please list all that apply.

* 19. Have you shared a "why I love TCLP" video on social media?