Background and Purpose of Research

Thank you for your interest in TCK Training's research on the impact of childhood global mobility on adult wellness.
In 2021 we ran a survey on Adverse Childhood Experiences in globally mobile Adult Third Culture Kids, which received over 2,000 responses. We subsequently published three white papers reporting on the data we collected. More information on this survey, including our methodology report, and all three white papers, are freely available at

In this survey, we are looking at both Adverse Childhood Experiences and Positive Childhood Experiences, as well as adult experiences. We are looking for connections between childhood experiences and adult wellness benchmarks in the globally mobile population, to compare with similar research that has been done in single-country populations. For this reason, some questions may seem a little strange - we are using specific wording to mirror existing research. In order to be able to compare our results with existing research, we have to ask the same questions.

We anticipate that through this survey, the following objectives will be achieved:
  1. High ACE scores in globally mobile children can be connected with wellness benchmarks in adulthood, and compared to risk levels in other populations.
  2. The frequency with which globally mobile children experience positive family and community factors will be measured, and can be compared to adult wellness benchmarks in other populations.
  3. The impact of Positive Childhood Experiences and other resilience factors on globally mobile children will be measured, and can be compared to resilience research in other populations.
  4. Better-targeted resources for globally mobile families with a preventive care focus can be created.
While we are a private company and not an academic institution, we went through a testing phase including input from an Indepedent Review team, which included members with significant expertise in: academic research, psychology, international school counseling, education, globally mobile families, and missionary member care, along with Adult TCKs who experienced trauma during childhood. 
If you have any questions or comments about this research, you may contact TCK Training's Director of Research, Tanya Crossman, at

Thank you for your interest and participation,

Lauren Wells (CEO) and Tanya Crossman (Director of Research) 
on behalf of the whole TCK Training team

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* 1. We anticipate that this survey will take 30-50 minutes to complete. It contains 143 multiple choice questions (including the three on this page). We recommend waiting until you have an uninterrupted hour to begin, to allow time to carefully read the questions and consider your answers.

We can only accept survey responses from individuals over the age of 18, in order to get a complete picture of childhood experience up to the age of 18.

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* 2. All data collected in this study will remain completely anonymous. The multiple choice questions will not require you to identify yourself. The raw data collected will always be password protected and kept confidential by the TCK Training staff team. The data we collect will only be shared in aggregate, and never used to describe an individual. Results from this study may be published or presented online or at conferences.

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* 3. If you choose to participate, you will be asked questions about the following:
  • experiences of mobility during childhood
  • your parents' cross-cultural experiences and support they received
  • your home life, both positive and negative experiences, including abuse
  • your school life, both positive and negative experiences, including abuse
  • your community, both positive and negative experiences, including violence
  • if you witnessed/experienced certain traumatic events, including sexual abuse
  • your health and wellbeing, in childhood and adulthood, including mental health
  • strengths and struggles as an adult
  • attitudes toward your childhood 
Most questions are in a true/false format (or similar). You will never be asked to describe your experiences in your own words.

Given the topics covered in this survey, there is a risk that you will feel discomfort or emotional upset. If any of the questions bring up uncomfortable feelings, we strongly recommend that you seek therapeutic assistance. We have prepared a list of resources on our website you can use to find help in processing your experiences.

If you are in immediate distress, the following websites suggest crisis helplines and other mental health services in various countries:
These resources will be listed again at several points during the survey, and again at its conclusion.

I have been made aware of the potential risks of participating in the survey, and freely choose to participate. I understand that my participation in this survey is entirely voluntary, and that I may choose to not participate or end my participation at any time without penalty.

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