General Questions about life in Turtle Creek

Please complete the following questions.

1. How many of your neighbors do you know?

2. The Turtle Creek Homeowners Association (TCHOA) plans and hosts several events: Easter Egg Hunt, Southern National Night Out Against Crime, Christmas Light Competition, Neighborhood Garage Sale, etc.  How often do you participate in activities in this neighborhood?

3. If you do not participate in activities in this neighborhood, why not?

4. Would you like to see more  Neighborhood Activities?

5. What types of activities would you participate in if they were available in this neighborhood?

6. How strong is the sense of community in this neighborhood?

7. The streets in our neighborhood are maintained by St. Tammany Parish. How well do you feel the streets in this neighborhood maintained?

8. Overall, how safe do you feel in this neighborhood?

9. Overall, how clean is this neighborhood?

10. How promising is the future of this neighborhood?

11. How proud are you to live in this neighborhood?

12. How satisfied are you with your experience living in this neighborhood?

13. What do you like most about this neighborhood?

14. What do you like least about this neighborhood?

15. What changes would most improve this neighborhood?

16. Are you aware that the TCHOA general meetings occur three times per year?

17. Do you attend the home owners meetings?

18. If not, why don't you attend the home owners meetings?

19. Are you aware that the mandatory homeowners fees are used for: Daily Security Patrols, Security Cameras, Monthly maintenance of green spaces contained within the border of the Turtle Creek Subdivision, Annual flower plantings, Maintenance of Fountains, Cost of Lighting the entrance, watering grounds, and other TCHOA expenses; and that legal action is brought against delinquent homeowner’s in the form of property liens?

20. Were you aware that TCHOA now offers small reflective security decals for you vehicles that are designed to make security patrols and video monitoring more efficient?

21. Do you plan on placing the security decals on your vehicles?

22. If no, what is your reason for not using the security decals?

23. How would you rate the job that the TCHOA board has done over the past 2 years?

24. What could the TCHOA board do to improve its performance?

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