This survey is anonymous - it is being run by Alisa Krasnostein. I will not release individual responses to anyone else. Aggregated, overall answers will be published publicly.
The purpose of this survey is to investigate the degree of harassment being experienced at our SF conventions and events. 

* 1. Have you attended a SF convention or event in Australia:

* 2. Were you aware of the convention or event's Code of Conduct?

* 3. Have you ever felt uncomfortable, creeped on, creeped out by, bullied or harassed by a member of the convention or event you attended?

* 4. Did you know who to contact or approach for assistance in this situation?

* 5. If you approached someone at the convention or event for assistance, were you satisfied with how it was resolved?

* 6. Has your attendance, experience or decision to return to the convention or event in a subsequent year been impacted upon based on this incident/s?

* 7. Do you think the way that conventions or events currently handle the enforcement of the code of conduct of their attendees is satisfactory?

* 8. Thinking back on the incident, is the person still an active member in fandom/the community?

* 9. Is there anything else you would like to add to this information or to contribute to the survey exercise?