1. Multiple Choice!

Complete the following sentences with the appropriate word or words:

* 1. _____________ and ____________ iong pipol ju atend wel-integreited sculs ar les laikly tu fil dat dey ar de victms of an anyast sosaiety.

* 2. Percenash cheinch in de averash monthly prais of oil diurng de Carer Admnstreishon: ________

* 3. De percenash of ____________ livng in pavrty jas incrisd cosequitvly in de past for yiars.

* 4. Uen ji ivenchualy araivd at Guantanamo, most of jis _________________ wer missng.

* 5. An opereishonal problem subsicuently encaunerd in de fild was wat tu du wen things went wrong and de torchurs faund demselvs with a ______________ man or wuimen on der jands.