Thanks for your interest in Private, One-on-One VIP FUN-tensive experiences with me, JG!
I teach the way I like to learn and for me, that means fully-immersive, focused, playful, productive and world-changing 1 or 2-day experiences that are designed to help you create massive transformation in your inner world and to build a plan for what would be most fun (and profitable) in your outer world!
If you can get in a couple of days what would normally take 6 months and thousands of dollars more to accomplish, why not go for the shortcut!?
Now don't get me wrong, it will be on YOU to take whatever we do together and be consistent in applying it BUT you will leave with everything you need in order to BE, DO, and CREATE, whatever it is you desire in your life, your business, your relationships, your job, your health, your finances and your happiness!

Everything that I know, everything I've been taught, everything I've coached others on or been coached on myself, everything that I share with individuals and groups to help THEM will be available to become yours!
It will be fast-paced, it will be powerful, it will be FULL of laughs and inappropriate language and jokes, tons of love, compassion and support AND it will be an experience that NEITHER of us will ever forget.
Check out the questions below and examples of what we can focus on during our time together (and please feel free to add anything that isn't on the list that you would love to work on).

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is the best email address to reach you?

* 3. Where in the world are you located?

* 4. What is your phone number and/or Skype name

* 5. What do you currently do for a living?

* 6. What would you RATHER be doing for a living?
(if different from the last question)

* 7. What would you love to see happen in your personal and/or professional life as a result of working with me?
(please be as open, specific, creative, unfiltered, unapologetic, and unrealistic as you want!)

* 8. Here is just an example of the types of things we typically cover in a private one-on-one VIP FUN-Tensive. Which of these would be most valuable for you in order to create the life, relationships and the business or career you have always dreamed of?
(choose as many answers as you'd like and feel free to add your own at the bottom if there is something else you want to focus on)

* 9. VIP FUN-tensives require a considerable investment of time, money and energy in order to commit you to fully showing up and to help me ensure that the people I invite to attend are going to take what we work on and turn it from information into TRANSFORMATION.

In just two days together, previous FUN-tensive attendees have mapped out their entire business model, developed new and innovative strategies for client creation and growing their coaching business, created the entire structure for a signature courses and the strategy to launch and market it, created their keynote speech along with performance coaching on storytelling and delivery and prospecting to book paying speaking engagements and so much more!

For that reason, it won't be for everyone and if it isn't right for you, that's perfectly ok. There is nothing wrong with you, it just may mean that one of my other lower-priced, larger group offerings may be a better fit for where you are right now.

IF however you KNOW that dedicating yourself with a SINCERE (but Not SERIOUS) commitment to your own personal and professional growth is something you can't NOT do and you know that doing it with me will set you up for the best possibility for success, let me know which of the following options below you are most interested in?

Feel free to choose as many options as you like and note that choosing an option does not guarantee an invitation to attend nor does it commit you to sign-up.

"The Best Investment I've Made In My Business"
-Ariane Trelaun 

Founder and CEO, Do Your Thing
Bookkeeping and Strategy for Creative Daredevils
Once you submit your application, I will personally review it and reach back out to you to either schedule a time to talk further or to direct you to resources that I think may be a better fit to you.

Either way, I will do everything in my capacity to support you on your hero's journey!

Lots of love,