Did you know that over 24,000 people have come through TCD /DAVEA? We love learning what our alums have accomplished and if their TCD / DAVEA experience had an impact. Please consider sharing your post-TCD experiences.

How many years did you attend TCD-DAVEA?

What was the name of your TCD - DAVEA program? (or close to it)

What is the name of your home high school?

What year did you graduate from high school?

What type of postsecondary education did you complete after high school?

What is the highest level of schooling or degree you have received?

Have you followed the same or related career path as your TCD-DAVEA program?

What job/position do you currently hold?

If applicable, what is your current title?

What impact, if any, did your TCD experience have on your career?

Do you think a high school facility like TCD-DAVEA is a valuable option for today's high school students?

Any additional comments?

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Parents and students are very interested in alumni experiences. May we share your information and "post-TCD-DAVEA" experiences? (This would NOT include your contact information!)