This survey is designed to gauge your satisfaction with the services of the TCCC Financial Aid Office. Please take a moment to answer the questions below and let us know how we are doing. Please select the answer that best applies to you.
Thanks for your help!  We appreciate your valuable time and comments.

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* 1. When leaving a voicemail for the TCCC Financial Aid Office during regular working hours, how quickly do you receive a return phone call?

* 2. When meeting with TCCC Financial Aid Office representatives, how satisfied are you that you received the information you needed?

* 3. How informed are you regarding other types of financial aid available (scholarships, work-study, childcare, veterans, etc.)?

* 4. What forms of communication are you currently receiving regarding financial aid?

* 5. What forms of communication would you prefer to receive from the TCCC Financial Aid Office that would be more beneficial to you?

* 6. How familiar are you with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Stuident Aid) process?

* 7. How familiar are you with the TCCC processes of awarding, disbursing, and paying for tuition, books, and fees using your financial aid?

* 8. How familiar are you with TCCC's financial aid policies relating to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?