Talk to me about Cranston...

1.Which village / neighborhood in Cranston do you live in?(Required.)
2.How long have you lived in Cranston?(Required.)
3.Infrastructure has been a concern in RI for decades.  What is your number one priority to be addressed in your neighborhood?(Required.)
4.If you currently have children in the Cranston public schools, how do you feel the schools are doing from a big picture perspective in terms of preparing kids for success?(Required.)
5.Each of the past two years, the Mayor and City Council have raised your residential taxes despite having a windfall of federal funds.  In your mind, are you getting a good value for the taxes you pay?(Required.)
6.If you are 60 years of age or older, what is your biggest source of financial stress right now?(Required.)
7.A new couple moves in next door, and they're asking you for suggestions re: things to do this weekend here in Cranston.  What would be your top recommendation?(Required.)
8.Do you feel as though the City is doing a good job in maintaining the sporting facilities, buildings, and parks so that all neighbors can safely enjoy them?(Required.)
9.If there was one thing you could change about Cranston, what would it be? (Required.)
10.The future of Budlong Pool has been hotly debated over the past two years, after it never reopened following the COVID pandemic.  Which of the following best aligns with your vision of the area?(Required.)
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