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Thanks for your interest in participating in the Mid-Willamette Valley Food Trail program. Again, to participate in this program your business will need to:

- Be located in or near (within 5 miles of the county line) Benton County and Linn County

- Not be part of another Oregon Food Trail. If you are already part of another Oregon Food Trail, you would need to decide which food trail would provide the most value or benefit to your business as your business can only participate in one food trail at a time.

-Generally follow the below criteria that is meant to identify entities making a significant commitment to sourcing, producing or growing local agricultural products, prepared foods, and value-added goods. For the purposes of this food trail, we define “local” and “locally-sourced” as products sourced within 100 miles of the place of business in question and within Oregon.

 On-Farm, Vineyard and Agricultural Operations

•       On-farm experiential opportunities will qualify; ideally on-farm sales meet qualifications of farm stands

•       Farm stands have at least 75% of produced and 50% of value-added products locally grown or produced

Meat, Fish and Produce Retail

•       75% of defining product is locally grown, caught, made or produced

•       Open to the general public a minimum of three months and/or during the season (i.e. in the case of select farms with a very short season)

Craft Beverage Tasting Rooms

•       The production facility is located within Oregon

•       Sources and promotes mostly local and/or Oregon ingredients

Food Processors

•       Product is made, canned, smoked or roasted locally


•       25% of products sold (including restaurant menu items, room amenities and gift shop offerings) are locally sourced

•       50% of beverage offerings are from Oregon

Restaurants, Bakeries & Cafes

•       25% of the products on the menu are locally sourced

•       50% of beer, wine, and other beverages like coffee, kombucha offerings should be locally sourced. A full bar should offer local options.


•       50% of products sold are by local producers.

•       50% of beverage offerings are locally sourced.

Experiences, Tours and Cooking Schools

•       Must use or showcase local products

Farmers and Artisan Markets

•       50% of participants are local producers

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