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Summer 2024 Professional Development Course Offerings - VMI

Course 1: CANCELLED Mathematical Modeling with Probability - Burlington, VT (Specific Location TBD) - June 24-28, 2024

Course 2: CANCELLED Mathematics as a Second Language - Northeast Kingdom, Lyndonville area. Exact location TBD - June 24-28. 2024.

Course 3: INT-5710-S05 Mathematics as a Second Language - Burlington, VT area (VTC campus, Williston, VT). July 8-12, 2024.
This course provides for a deep understanding of the basic themes of arithmetic as well as the inter-relationships among arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. A major theme of Mathematics as a Second Language is the understanding of arithmetic and algebra through language. Participants will explore the mathematics content related to these topics, the intimate relationship among them, and the important pedagogical strategies and skills educational research suggests can have a strong impact on student learning.

Participants of this course will work collaboratively to solve problems and experience how problem solving is an integral part of instruction. They will come to recognize the importance of multiple representations of mathematical concepts and multiple solution strategies and how discourse in the classroom supports learning.

Upon successful completion of Mathematics as a Second Language, participants will have preferred status should they decide to apply to the VMI’s master’s program, with these credits transferring into the program.

Course 4: INT-5710-S06 Functions and Algebra I - Burlington, VT area (VTC campus, Williston, VT). July 15-19, 2024.
This course builds upon the prior course Mathematics as a Second Language and extends and reinforces the learning from that course. Participants will obtain a deep understanding of the concept of a function, appreciate the pervasiveness of the function idea in everyday life, and engage in a variety of problem solving activities that hone arithmetic and algebra skills. Topics include functions, graphs, inverse functions, linear functions, the algebra and geometry of straight lines, linear inequalities, solving linear equations, and an introduction to nonlinear functions.

The Mathematics as a Second Language and the Functions & Algebra I courses are seamlessly related, with the latter course starting from where the former left off, building from the ideas of constant rate, ratio, proportion, and graph of the proportion. The central idea in this course is the notion of a function, which is an extremely powerful concept that provides an overarching umbrella for the study of patterns, tables, formulas, and graphs.

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* 7. Tuition is $2037 ($679/credit) and an invoice is typically generated and sent to you prior to the course start date unless a PO is received or alternative arrangements are made. Please contact Judi Laird, VMI Director to discuss alternative payment arrangements.

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