Conservation Area Review Consultation

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Loughton Conservation Area was established in 1978. Government guidelines suggest these statements should be reviewed regularly. However, it has never been reviewed despite much change.

The location close to the central railway station of Milton Keynes now brings tremendous pressure for development and increased density of development.

At the same time the government has relaxed the rules on permitted development as from 30th May 2013 allowing (inter alia) for large (8 metre wide 4 metre height) house extensions without requiring planning permission.

Loughton Parish Council has therefore decided the time has come for the Conservation Area statement to be reviewed and updated.

Loughton Parish Council has commissioned a new draft Conservation Area statement on which it is intended to consult with all local owners, residents and stakeholders.

This survey is so that you can express your views on this matter. Before you take this survey, please ensure you have taken time to read and consider the consultation document about the Conservation Area Review. Once you have read that, then you can proceed to take the survey.

Please note that all residents in the Conservation Area (including the proposed extended area) will receive a hard copy of the document and questionnaire. However you are welcome to reply online via this survey if you wish instead - the questions are the same.

First, we need to know a little bit about you.

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* 1. Where do you live within the Parish of Loughton?