STEM Summit 2012

The STEM Summit is designed to spark an interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

* 1. Rate your overall experience at the 2012 STEM Summit (Please check one):

* 2. What were the most valuable things you learned at the STEM Summit (Check all that apply):

* 3. Would consider a STEM career? (a traditional STEM career OR a career that utilizes STEM skills)?

* 4. Would you recommend next year’s STEM Summit to your friends?

* 5. Please rate the following as “outstanding,” “satisfactory” or “needs work”:

  Outstanding Satisfactory Needs Work
Quality of Exhibits (informative and fun)
Time to visit exhibits
Ability to talk with exhibitors
Passports (stamps)
Student backpacks
Video Contest

* 6. What will you do as a result of participating in the STEM Summit (Check all that apply):

* 7. Answer only if you had a STEM Summit Road Show (volunteer speaker visit your classroom): Please rate your STEM Summit Road Show.

* 8. Anything else we should know?