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1. Introduction for the Questionnaire

Thank you for participating in this survey conducted by ISSMGE's Technical Committee for Geo-Engineering Education TC306. The survey is meant to be completed by Geotechnical Engineering Instructors in Civil Engineering Departments.
Your feedback is important to the community of geotechnical engineering instructors. The analysis of the survey results aims to encourage the development of shareable educational material for geotechnical engineering at the undergraduate level.  By joining forces, we increase our chances to get the educational material of our dreams.
Definition*: Educational material is anything you use in your teaching and (i) is specifically designed and produced to be used in instruction or (ii) can be used in instruction with minimal adaptation. It includes textbooks in printed or electronic format, published papers, online material, such as videos of any kind, and educational software of any kind (including education versions of commercial software).

NOTE For the purposes of this questionnaire, educational material excludes demonstrations involving physical objects and testing equipment. But, it includes the results produced by such demonstrations, provided they are well documented so that they have educational value independently of the actual physical demonstration.

*adapted from: Skoumios, M. and Ch. Skoumpourdi (2018). Use of educational material for Mathematics and Physics, Proceedings of the 3rd Hellenic Conference on Educational Material for Mathematics and Physics, Rhodes Island, Greece, Nov. 9-11 (in Greek), pp. 18-65.
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