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In this survey, you'll see a number of "outcomes" from tasks you normally perform.

We're asking you to rate: 1) how important each outcome is to you and 2) how satisfied you are at achieving that outcome.

Example outcome statement:
Minimise the time it takes to inform a payee that they have been paid.

We've heard from some customers that after sending a payment, they want to email proof of payment but they have to go in and take a screenshot and mail that to their payee. For them, this is a very important outcome, but they're not satisfied with how they currently achieve it, because it takes up too much time.

To warm-up, let's start with a couple of 'outcome statements', each with two questions.
Accessing business banking on my mobile phone

Question Title

* How important is this to you?

Question Title

* How satisfied are you with accessing business banking via your mobile?

Minimise the effort of logging in and authorising payments
e.g. using a Digipass to create a one time code or 'OTC'

Question Title

* How important is minimising the effort to you?

Question Title

* How satisfied are you with the effort involved?

25% of survey complete.