Pathways Thunder Bay

Shkoday is a community-based organization helping Indigenous children create a brighter future. The organization ignites the spirit within to support families, children and youth on their journey to a well-balanced life.

Through holistic and cultural programming, Shkoday is passionate about connecting families to their community, culture and inspiring role models. This sparks a sense of belonging and nurtures the identity and spiritual fire in every child, youth and family member. Shkoday’s knowledgeable, warm and caring staff share and carry on love, skills, language and knowledge, to encourage and facilitate cultural education and programming for children, youth and families.
Across Canada, Pathways Programs, are creating positive social change by supporting youth to overcome barriers to education, graduate from high school, and build the foundation for a successful future.

This unique community-based program designed to increase high school graduation rates, offers weekly tutoring and a mentoring, leadership, and cultural program, in addition to financial support and advocacy to support high school students graduate and successfully transition to post - secondary education, training or meaningful employment.

While the focus of Shkoday Pathways Thunder Bay is to create space for Indigenous students, any grade nine students are welcome to contact us to determine if they live in one of the identified neighbourhoods we are accepting registrations from. 

By registering in Shkoday Pathways Thunder Bay, you are offered:

  • Supports from grade 9 through to your graduation from grade 12
  • A Student Parent Support Worker that will work with you and your family to create and follow a plan with the goal to help you graduate
  • Tutoring once a week to help with homework, studying and / or school projects
  • Mentoring, Leadership and Cultural (MLC) programming activity once a week
  • Weekly incentives such as grocery store or restaurant gift cards
  • In later grades the opportunity to travel and visit post-secondary schools (colleges and universities)
  • A scholarship to assist with post-secondary or your transition into the work force at graduation
Your responsibilities when you become a Pathways student include:
  • Attending tutoring once per week, either virtually or in-person (when offered).
  • Attending the Mentoring, Leadership and Cultural Program once per week
  • Staying in touch with your Student Parent Support Worker as needed
  • Working hard to be respectful of yourself, others, and spaces
  • Asking for help or support if you feel like you need it
  • The information collected in this registration is protected and kept secure by Shkoday Pathways Thunder Bay.
This will take approximately, 20 minutes to complete.   Once we receive it, both the student and parent/guardian will be contacted by Pathways Thunder Bay.

As we are registering students both in person and digitally for the health and safety of them and their families, there are no signatures required for those who are registering online (you can leave the signature questions empty), and entering the registration acts as such.  We will contact you to determine a time to sign these and any other forms in person when you / your student feel comfortable to do so. 

If you are filling out a paper version, please sign when you submit your registration.