Nonprofit Application Instructions

Apply now! We've added space but slots are quickly filling up. We'll accept applications on a rolling basis until all slots are filled.
Board Match Silicon Valley
WHEN: September 12, 2018
TIME: 4:00 - 6:30 pm
WHERE: Google, Sunnyvale

Board Match Silicon Valley is an Annual Open-air Networking Event
Board Match is a networking event providing nonprofit organizations an opportunity to meet with hundreds of highly qualified board candidates from major employers, across industries including: Technology, Financial Services, Legal, Real Estate, Marketing/PR, Health Care and more.
Board Match is much more than an opportunity for your executive director, board chair, and board members to meet prospective board members from the South Bay in one place. We select nonprofits through an application process that identifies your specific needs and provides training for your leadership about board-building. We then recruit a pool of high-quality and diverse candidates that also have access to training and resources about board service.

Each Board Match event includes 100 - 150 nonprofits, and regularly recruits 800+ candidates who attend the event. Up to 250 new board members are placed as a result of each Board Match event! Participation fees for the Board Match are determined on a sliding scale based on your 501(c)3's annual operating budget, and include training and webinars for senior staff and board members:

Fee Schedule:
$250: Level 1, budget under $400K
$275: Level 2, budget $400K - $999K
$375: Level 3, budget $1M - $4.99M
$500: Level 4, budget $5M or more
We're accepting applications until all slots are filled.

Requirements and Process
The requirements are in place to ensure that every participating organization and board candidate has the best possible experience. Thank you for adhering to these:
- Submit a complete application for review
- Must be a legal 501(c)3 nonprofit or fiscally sponsored program
- Must have an annual operating budget of at least $50,000
- Complete the Nonprofit Results Survey. (Only if you participated last year.)
- Fees must be made by the invoice date; there are no refunds
- Staff your designated Exhibitor Table with executive leaders from the staff and board
(e.g. CEO/ED, Board Chair/President, VP Development, other board members etc.)
- Staff the Exhibitor Table for the entire event
We receive more applications than there are slots available. The review process is designed to make sure we include a diverse range of organizations that will successfully match with candidates. Once we've reviewed the application you will receive either a welcome email with your invoice for the participation fee, OR we'll contact you if we have further questions.

We look forward to working with you!