Turn Your Students into More Independent, Self-Motivated Learners with Team-Based Learning

August 8 & 10, 9:30am to 3:30pm
Lecture Center 3C

Application Deadline: August 3, 2018. There are a limited number of seats for this Academy.

A few seats will also be available for guests (i.e., instructors not currently on the faculty or teaching staff of UAlbany). Please contact Billie Franchini (bfranchini@albany.edu) to learn more details about policies and fees for guests.

Word is out that Team-Based Learning allows instructors to target higher intellectual goals while fostering greater student independence and accountability. The principle? Design well and then get out of students’ way while they figure things out! TBL has been used successfully by scores of instructors at UAlbany--in small and large undergraduate and graduate classes in areas as diverse as Computer Science, Public Health, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Welfare, Information Literacy, History, and Philosophy, to name just a few. This Instructional Leadership Academy will take you through the process of transforming a traditional course into a TBL course.

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