1. Introduction

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This Trust Beneficiary Group Organizational Assessment tool is designed to provide discussion points on some basic systems for not-for-profit sustainability.

The tool was developed under the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority's Beneficiary Group Initiative technical assistance program. The purpose is to help peer support organizations understand their organization's standing and to plan for development. The Trust wants to promote leadership development within organizations and across the sector, whether they are Trust grantees or not. The Trust uses this information to inform its decision-making.

This is a self-assessment instrument. It may also be used with an external reviewer to guide a discussion of organization development and help build an organizational wellness or development plan.

Organizations have different stages of development. Each organization using this tool may want to focus on different activities based on their mission, vision, and organizational development level. However, all organizations must focus on some key issues that ensure balance.

Look at the last section of this assessment or at the Alaska Peer Support Consortium website www.akpeersupport.org for some resources, as you further develop your organization.

If you want an immediate copy of your response, print each page after you answer questions. If you want one complete set or you forget to print, please call or email the Alaska Peer Support Consortium at 907.258.2772 or admin@akpeersupport.org, and we'll email you a report of your responses.