How does the CTU Library serve the diverse student populations of CTU?

You are invited to participate in a research study about how the CTU Library serves the many diverse student populations of CTU.  The CTU Library is asking for your perspective to better understand how you use the library to improve its services to CTU students. The CTU Library is also interested in how many diverse populations the library serves. The intent is to assess how one theological library can serve all the diverse groups of students who use the library.  If you agree to participate, the questions in this survey take about ten to fifteen minutes to answer.


There are no foreseeable risks for participating in this research survey.



There are no direct benefits to you as a survey respondent, but the information you provide may improve CTU Library services for future student users of the CTU library.


The data in this study will be used to improve library services for students at CTU and will be deleted at the completion of the study. Your informed consent to participate in the study will be completed by clicking “Yes” below. Names and other identifiers are not placed in this online survey or other research data.


Your participation is voluntary.  If you wish to participate, click “Yes” below. If you do not wish to participate, click “No” below.


This research is being conducted by Kris Veldheer a D.Min student at Catholic Theological Union and the director of the CTU library. Kris may be reached at should you have questions or to report a research-related problem. 

This research has been reviewed according to the Catholic Theological Union procedures governing your participation in research.

Please complete this survey by December 7, 2021.

Again, by clicking Yes, you consent that you are willing to answer the questions in this survey.

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