* 1. What is the best way to provide you with information about training, services, publications, etc.? Please rank your choices, with 1 being most preferred and 6 being your least preferred.

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* 3. Would you participate in web-based training?

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* 5. Please list any transportation topics or professional development topics that would help you do your job better in the next 12 months:

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* 9. Do you hold any of the following New Jersey Professional Licenses?

* 10. The NJ LTAP is considering developing new workshops. Please (circle) rate your interest (and/or the interest of your staff) in the following topics:

  Low Medium High
Environmental Requirements for Transportation Projects
Environmental Permits, Certificates, and Licenses
Storm Water and Erosion Control
Procedures for Right-of-Way Acquisition
Construction Contract Administration
Cost and Schedule Management
Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Introduction to Highway Construction Inspection
Maintenance Condition Assessment
Bridge Inspection
Bridge Maintenance
Pipe Installation and Maintenance
Sign Maintenance and Management
Gravel Road Maintenance and Design
Stabilization and Dust Abatement
Roadside Maintenance
Pavement Preservation Strategies
Guardrail Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
Work Zone Safety
Elevation and Grade Instruments and Use
Installation and Maintenance of Erosion Control Devices
Temporary Traffic Control
Winter Weather Operations
Safety Plan Development
Improving Safety at Intersections
Improving Safety at Railroad Crossings
Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian
Road Safety Audits/Assessments
Worker Safety
Safety Data: What data do I need and how do I collect it?
Crash Data Analysis
Low Cost Imrpovements
Signalized Intersections
Cost Estimating
Contact Execution and Other Considerations
Contract Specification Writing
Foundation for Using Geographic Information Systems
GPS Data Collection and Asset Management
Developing an Inventory of Highway Features
Objective Prioritization of Needs
Understanding Life Cycle Costs and Optimum Treatment Types

* 11. Which best describes your current affiliation?

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