Just how vulnerable are you?

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Being security aware means taking active steps to prevent business-destroying threats; avoid being paranoid and instead be prepared. Test your Cyber Threat IQ with our short quiz & find out if you are clued-in on where your business's biggest threat is likely to come from!

Knowledge is power!

* 1.     How many untrained system users fall for phishing scams?

* 2.     How many days will it take to discover a usual breach?

* 3.     What is the percentage of businesses that find a breach on their own?

* 4.     How much of your business communication do you encrypt? ie Does your business encrypt electronic communications as a security measure?

* 5.     What is a cloud access security broker?

* 6. How important is secure access to your business IT network?

* 7. What do you think about training your staff?

* 8. Has your business integrated cyber-security into all areas from the beginning?

* 9. Do you know what is on your network?