Guidelines for Completing this Survey

The Green Office Certification Program is designed to engage and recognize faculty and staff members who are interested in improving the environmental footprint of their workplaces.  This survey consists of 56 multiple choice questions that will provide a comprehensive measure of sustainable behaviors and practices in your office.  There is also a section at the end to report any other sustainable innovations for a chance to earn a maximum of 4 bonus points!    

This survey has been designed for departments of multiple people, inclusive of interns and all staff. If you are part of an office interested in participating but do not meet those criteria, please contact us. Please do your best to answer all questions in the survey. For any question that you may not know or cannot find the precise answer to, use your best judgment and answer the question as best as you can rather than leaving it blank.  If you answer not applicable, that question will be omitted during the scoring process.  Each question is worth 2 points (partial credit is given where applicable) and we will calculate your score based on the percentage of points you get out of the total.  If you have any notes or something to clarify about a specific question, please record it in the "other" box.  You will be certified as a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level office and we will notify you of your results within two weeks of your submission.

Thank you for participating in our Green Office Certification Program, and we look forward to receiving your answers!