NDUCFA/NDFS Project: Enhancement of Small/Midsize Urban Forests in North Dakota 2017-2020

My community would like to request two hours of technical assistance from a NDUCFA TA Team member.  We understand technical assistance will primarily be available evenings or weekends because TA Team members are employed full-time in community forestry jobs.

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You will receive notification via email from NDUCFA (Shannon or Dana) of your assigned NDUCFA TA Team member with contact information within 21 business days of this submitted request.  If you have any questions, call Shannon or Dana at 701-355-4458 or email office@nducfa.org.

Once you click "DONE" below, no further action is necessary until you receive an email from Shannon or Dana.

Thank you for utilizing the ND TIP Tool and requesting technical assistance to enhance your community forest!